Audencia's strategy is based on collaboration with the various local ecosystems on its campuses. This collaboration must allow the school to achieve its goals while having a positive impact on the other players in the ecosystem. This is reflected in our purchasing policy, which gives preference to local suppliers, and in our encouragement of students to get involved in local associations. The school is involved in a wide range of initiatives with its students, alumni, employees and partners to strengthen its local roots.

Associations Forum

This program allows students to develop social, behavioral and professional skills and to strengthen their civic engagement. It's an opportunity for our students to volunteer in a solidarity or student association. The associations present will have the opportunity to present their structure, their objectives and their technical and human needs.

The goal is to facilitate contact between our students and local associations working for ecological transition or greater social justice. This continuous civic engagement during the 3 years of the bachelor's program is recognized by the awarding of additional credits.

The Lab Citoyen Campus du Tertre

Audencia - Logo Lab Citoyen

The Lab Citoyen Campus du Tertre responds to the call of Nantes students who, aware of current climate, environmental and social issues, want to get involved in the ecological and inclusive transformation of their campus and its surrounding neighborhoods.

A laboratory for collective experimentation

This laboratory fosters encounters and co-creation among students, campus staff, and local residents:

  • Leading projects with a positive impact from idea to implementation
  • Learn by doing and develop new skills in sustainable development, tools and methods of co-conception through design, management of collaborative projects
  • Meet engaged local stakeholders and experts, share experiences around social events and concrete actions

The Lab is also an initiative supported by a local alliance of institutions committed to working with students: Nantes Métropole, Audencia, Crous Nantes Pays de la Loire, Ecole Centrale Nantes and the University of Nantes.

Local purchasing

As part of its responsible purchasing approach and commitment to the local community, Audencia favors local purchases from nearby merchants. This is particularly reflected in the sourcing of our cafeteria, the recycling of our IT equipment and bio-waste, the design and installation of bicycle parking facilities, the referencing of local ESATS. As part of this global approach, the CSR commitment of our service providers and suppliers, as well as their location, are among the priority selection criteria.

This commitment is also reflected in all our actions related to a more sustainable food supply, through the integration of criteria for local seasonal products, both for the catering services and for the products that the school offers within its campuses or the AMAP provided to its students and employees.