2-Year MSc in Financial Analysis & Investment Management

Become a CFA-certified financial analyst at one of the leading institutions in the field of sustainability.

2-Year MSc in Financial Analysis & Investment Management

Your future degree

  • Degree recognition: Grade Master, Visé BAC+5
  • RNCP title number: 37936
  • Number of ECTS credits: 120

Target Skills

  • Understand the functioning of financial markets, the main participants, and instruments.
  • Be able to apply mathematical and statistical techniques to analyse individual stocks, bonds, derivatives, and alternative investments, including their risk profiles as well as their role in portfolio construction.
  • Be able to evaluate investment and financing decisions at the corporate level.
  • Understand economic indicators and their impact on financial markets and companies.
  • Be able to analyse and and interpret financial statements to evaluate the financial health of a company.
  • Develop an understanding of ethical behaviour and professional standards in the finance industry, including for individuals and for portfolio reporting purposes.
  • Create a foundation in up-to-date developments in finance, such as behavioural finance, the role of machine learning and fintech.