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Département Marketing

Domaine(s) d’enseignement

Domaine d’enseignement
Data Analytics
Big Data Management
Digital Marketing
AI for Managers

Domaine(s) de recherche

Domaine de recherche
Cultural Branding
Consumer Culture Theory
Socio-Economic Values of Brand Management
Social Network Analysis (SNA)
Customer Journey
Misinformation & Disinformation Research
Human Machine Relationships
Big Data Analytics
Natural Langugae Processing




PhD in Marketing & Consumer Behaviour - University of Strathclyde

MSc. in Marketing with Customer Management - University of Strathclyde

Research Interest:

From behavioural perspective Ronnie is interested in exploring social media engagement, nature of misinformation/disinformation and their digital propagation, online profiling and borrowing behaviour, online activism, technology adaptation, identity politics etc. He won the best paper in track award at Academic of Marketing conference 2018, and he is also engaged in writing impact blogs for the London School of Economics.

From an applied perspective Ronnie is interested in exploring the application of digital marketing and data science in marketing automation. His selected projects explored the effectiveness of UX/UI, NLP based sentiment analysis modelling, computer vision based medical image detection, Big Data imputation method.

Ronnie has taught across various universities in the UK including University of Strathclyde and Coventry University. He specialises in teaching digital marketing and data analytics. He was nominated as best supportive lecturer on number of occasions.

A spell in the Netherlands managing business programmes at Northumbria University Amsterdam Campus has cemented his enthusiasm for European teaching and research collaboration. Currently he is acting as the PI for a collaborative project funded by the ING bank, and he has also engaged in developing competitive digital strategies for a number of Dutch SMEs in the Netherlands.

Current Funding:

  • CERN Opeanlab – Eurodoc small research support grant
  • ING Bank small research grant
  • Newcastle University School Research Grant

Newcastle Urban Observatory:

Ronnie works with Prof. Phil James (director) and the Urban Observatory team in understanding and interpreting IoT based Smart City data collected from over 5000 sensors placed across the North East. He is keen to help the observatory understand Citizen Behaviour and the issue of Data Governance within Smart City infrastructures.

His work with Prof. Phil James on big data led behavioural insight into public behaviour during COVID-19 was highlighted by the Forbes and The World Economic Forum.

Supergen Energy Networks Hub:

Ronnie is involved in collaborative projects with hub researchers investigating big data imputation methods within energy storage and energy consumption.

As an ECR committee member Ronnie is also actively involved in developing and supporting ECR activities, within EPSRC funded Supergen Network Hub, led by Prof. Phil Taylor and Dr Sarah Walker. His responsibilities involve:

  • Developing ECR-industry liaison programmes
  • Developing and managing seed-corn funding calls
  • Organising ECR events and increase interdisciplinary networking opportunities

Impact Projects:

European COVID-19 Innovation Sprint: Ronnie won a European Innovation Challenge along with a team of participants from around the world. His team’s innovative technological solution to tackle the spread of misinformation championed the socio-political cohesion category. The project was recognised and rewarded by European Innovation Council, Vodafone Foundations, Amazon AWS, PwC etc.

EU Datathon 2020: Ronnie’s proposed idea to use open data to support people and economy was selected as one of 12 finalists out of 121 submissions. He will compete against other teams by developing and presenting a fully functioning digital prototype of his idea to the European Commission.

Follow Ronnie on Twitter @RonnieDas11

Section CV


PhD, Sciences de Gestion, Branding, Consumer Behaviour & Marketing

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 2016


Activités scientifiques

Reviewer revue académique

International Journal of Consumer Studies, 2023
Journal of Marketing Management (ABS2), 2023
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (ABS 3), 2023
Annals of Operations Research (ABS 3), 2023
Technological Forecasting and Social Change (ABS 3), 2022
European Journal of Marketing (ABS 3), 2021
Business and Society Review, 2021
Journal of Advertising (ABS 3), 2021

Editeur invité d'une revue de recherche

Journal of Business Research, 2023

Supervision doctorat


PhD, Sciences de Gestion, Branding, Consumer Behaviour & Marketing

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 2016